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8th Grade Physical Science

Welcome to Physical Science! Where we will discover the inner workings of Chemical Interactions and of Force and Motion. The beginning of the year will be all about Chemical Interactions. Students will use Chemistry to unveil the nature of matter-its properties, composition, and structure-and the energy dynamics that accompany matter transformations. When we transition into Force and Motion, students will be introduced to several big ideas in physical science, foremost being Force, the impetus for motion of every kind. The goal is to get students to understand force as an interaction between objects. We will also be addressing the concept of motion, the subconcepts associated with motion, and the math that allows us to think about, represent and understand motion. I hope that students will be as excited as I am to work to discover and build our knowledge of these concepts!
4th Period log in: username and password are both: physicalscience4
5th Period log in: username and password are both: physicalscience5